Foxton Village Hall & Sports Pavilion

Foxton, Cambridgeshire

Foxton Village Hall Fire Safety Policy

Fire procedure

If you discover a fire:

• Alert anyone nearby.

• Use the nearest Break Glass Point to sound the alarm.

On hearing the alarm:

• Quickly and calmly leave the premises by the nearest safe exit.

• Go to the assembly point on the recreation ground beside the access road.

• Summon the Fire Service by telephoning 999.

• Inform the Maintenance Manager or another Key Holder if possible (details at entrance door).

• Stay out of the premises until told it is safe to return by the Fire Officer or VH representative.

Fire precautions

Everyone on the premises MUST:

• Note the location of fire exits and break glass points.

• Keep fire exits and routes to them clear.

• Keep fire doors closed.

• Avoid use of inflammable materials.

• Avoid accumulating combustible material.

• Switch off and unplug electrical appliances after use (other than fridges and freezers).


• Leave fire doors propped open.

• Use unprotected naked flames.

• Leave the cooker hob on and unattended.

False alarms

The alarm may be triggered by smoke effects, or smoke from cooking.

Only if you are certain this is the reason:

• Check the alarm panel in the lobby for the location of the sensor activated.

• If in any doubt, follow fire procedure as above.

• Only if location shown confirms a false alarm, press ‘silence sounders’ on the panel.

• Inform the Maintenance Manager (details also at entrance door).

Fire protection

• The entire building is fitted with smoke & heat detectors and an alarm system, divided into three zones - school, village hall, pavilion. The alarm will sound over the whole building when activated in any zone. (The school has a callout system; the Fire Service is automatically called when two sensors within the school are activated.)

• The sounders are tested weekly by the Maintenance Manager and the system is maintained under a contract with an appropriate firm.

• There is emergency lighting in each room/area and on the outside of the building.

• Fire extinguishers are located beside fire exits and fire blankets are located in each kitchen. Only personnel with appropriate training should use these.

• The Management Committee commissions a fire risk assessment at least every two years and acts on recommendations for fire safety.

• Details of tests, inspections, action plans and maintenance are kept in the Health and Safety folder in the Village Hall kitchen tall cupboard.