Foxton Village Hall & Sports Pavilion

Foxton, Cambridgeshire

Terms and Conditions


You, the hirer, must ensure that a responsible adult is in charge at all times.

This person must :

Extra Charges:

All or part of a deposit held will be forfeit as deemed appropriate by the Village Hall Management Committee or their representatives and a further charge may be made if necessary to cover relevant costs.

The Village Hall Management Committee will impose an extra charge if :


You, the hirer must comply with the following rules:

Fire Safety:

You must read the Fire Procedure on the notice board in the lobby.



Health and Safety

Health & Safety legislation imposes duties on everyone as individuals.

All users of the premises, employees, volunteers & contractors on the premises must:

Anyone finding a fault, damage or other situation on the premises which might cause injury must:


Foxton Village Hall
Foxton Sports Pavilion